Flawless Fitness is a personal training company that strives on helping people get results. We pride ourselves on taking any situation you may have no matter how bad or difficult and making it better. All of our trainers are certified and diverse in many fields. These fields range from speed and agility training, weight loss, and muscle gain.


Flawless Fitness LLC  has helped individuals reach and push beyond personal fitness goals, helping many people get in the best shape of their lives. We are committed to changing the individuals thought process, we believe being fit requires both a positive physical and mental drive. We believe that when "You look good you feel good". Here at Flawless Fitness we don't consider our people clients but FAMILY where your concerns are our concerns and your goals our goals.

Flawless Fitness programs are uniquely tailored to the individual in order to assist people in not only looking but  feel their absolute best. Our programs are built from a sports, high intensity background unlike any other. Flawless Fitness knows the formula for producing the best results in the least amount of time. All of our trainers are certified and bring nothing but the best quality to our programs. Flawless Fitness isn't your typical personal training; we are a cutting edge, one of a kind team that gets results. Real results!



Hello my name is Arlando Budd. Fitness has been apart of my life since my younger days of recreational sports. I am very versatile in my fitness approach. My method of being an ATHLETE has been what I believe sets Flawless Fitness apart from the rest. My philosophy is to attain results no matter the situation. "Life is full of mental and physical barriers that we could use to stop us from obtaining our goals"  Don't let your barriers stop you from GREATNESS!







* ACE Certified

* Physical Training Leader Certified

* IFPA Pro Bodybuilder

* Speed and Agility Coach

* Motivational Coach

* CPR/AED Trainer Certified

* Self-Aid Buddy Care Trainer Certified


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